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Get Fit, Help Others

I know that the Covid-19 situation has impacted greatly on everyone’s lives, gyms are closed and in some countries people cannot/don’t want to risk going outside. For many people this can negatively affect their physical health and also their mental wellbeing, so I have been using my skills in strength conditioning to help others. 


I'm a fitness trainer, so last year when my gym closed for a long time I put together a two week home workout package and sold it, giving 50% to Thai families.  This project took off way bigger than I ever thought it would.  From a small idea, buying some essential shopping for two Thai children's families I know, to a full day of buying, making packages and delivering to hundreds of poor communities around us.

We deliver essential foods to poor Thai communities every month. We also gather any unwanted clothes or toys from people around Phuket who want to help and include them in our donations.


We can’t help everyone, but everyone can help someone.


As the year went on and people kept donating, I gathered sponsorship from Raudoitus Oy in Finland and Druskiennicka 35 in Poland.  Now these companies donate monthly for me to deliver regular relief packages to poor communities, as many families in Phuket are still really struggling due to lack of tourism.

Last year I decided to change how my donation page worked.  When you donate, 100% of the money goes to the Thai families and you get 50% off my Two Month Home Workout Package.


Please check out the donation page here where you will find loads of pictures, comments and updates of how this humbling adventure started right back at the beginning of Covid.

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